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The Happy Heart Flow Method

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Take a moment, breathe in and now breathe out. Whilst you read your right hand on your heart and truly feel the beat. Feel the connection (pause....breathe). Now take your left hand and place it on your belly. Notice how it rises and falls as your heart also beats. Close your eyes and take 10 deep inhales in through your nose and deep exhales out through your mouth.

Once you open your eyes simply feel...feel the connection with the breath and the beat.

Thats where the Happy Heart Flow Method begins. When you sense the connection to you heart and you feel your mind, body, heart and soul connected :)

💕 'The Happy Heart Flow Method'💕

Where the soul focus is to establish a "healthy lifestyle change" ,to provide the heart with nourishing yoga flows, cardiac fitness, pranayama breathing and heart healthy nutrition! 🙌

The focus of my method comes from both my personal cardiac expereince but also through the elements of cardiac yoga, rehabilitation, mindfulness and nutrition.

The method teaches us to nourish not only your body but your heart. The Happy Heart Flow method is truly the method for life - To be open and free and let our heart heal the happy heart way.

To be a #happyheartwarrior just tag your posts to @happyheartflow on instagram and lets watch our tribe grow. What I want to create is this method where being open with our hearts, we not only heal our hearts, we help nourish our heart health also. So if you would like to share your nourishing heart yoga flows, your heart rehabilitation journey or your heart healthy recipes, then tag us in and I'll share the best ones :) Lets make our hearts happy in 2019 and lets show the world why heart health truly matters.

Love Fizz xx

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