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#2 | Happiness is Knowing Your Dosha

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning the ‘science’ or ‘knowledge’ of life. It originated in India over 5000 years ago. It's wisdom has spread all over the world, known as the longest living 'preventative' holistic healing system.

Ayurveda works in two aspects, the preventative health, so guiding us on how to avoid illness with the right relationship with our health. Which includes the right diet and lifestyle, meditation and yoga practices. To also the curative side, so healing the disease through the Ayurvedic practices and medicine.

The Ayurvedic definition of health...

The Ayurvedic definition of health = One who is established in self, who has balanced dosha's, balanced agni, properly formed tissues, proper elimination of waste, well functioning bodily processes and whose mind & soul is calm.

The Two Laws of Ayurveda:

  1. Like increases like

  2. Opposites create balance

First time Ayurveda came into my life...

Being born into a Pakistani family, from a young age I picked up on parts of the Ayurvedic practices, however I never recognised this until now. For example, if I was feeling cold (due to my poor circulation), then my mum would use warming spices in bowls of soup or would make me a spiced chai. To also having lifestyle practices from a young age, I discovered yoga and breath work as a preventative medicine for my heart condition.

The thing is...

We all live in a life of do’s and dont's, however we all have unique practices that we all turn to, in order to balance our own bodies and mind. Ayurveda works the same way and gives you the choice to make conscious choices based on your energy and imbalances within your body. Some things may work for you, and some things won't and that's ok. We are all totally unique human beings.

Think about this...

When a newborn baby is born it doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but if it did have one, the question you’d want to search for is what is the babies Dosha. This is because you would then be able to sense what they are imbalanced in when for example they are crying.

So how do we discover our Dosha + What is a Dosha?

Ayurveda believes that everything in the universe is made up of FIVE core elements:

Ether (Space), Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

These energies differ from one another by their density and vibrations.

Let's look at it this way...

Take the most subtlest element being ether (space), which then condenses to become air. As air moves, it causes this friction which causes that heat or fire. And This fire then produces moisture which condenses to become water, which ultimately condenses to become earth, the densest element.

So to maintain health as part of ayurveda, we need to be able to identify these elemental energies. But like in harry potter they have an invisible cloak, so instead we look into what their inherent qualities say. So as humans we are seen as the minuture versions of these same core elements.

What is your Dosha Type?

Quick Summary...

If a person has more space and air in their constitution, they are known as a Vata person. If a person happens to be more fiery, combined with water, they are known as a Pitta person and finally if a person is made up of water and an earthy element, they are known as a Kapha person.

Essentially we are a balance of all 3 of these Dosha types, as we have all got the basic five elements in our body. However, we tend to be dominant in one or two of these dosha’s, It is very rare but there are cases of people being Tri- Doshic where a person is a balance of all three dosha types.

These dosha's govern all our physical and mental processes in the body. Ayurveda can help us maintain the balance of our mind, body and emotional health through daily practices that are personalised to our individual mind-body type known as prakruti.

Think of this as your 'Ayurvedic fingerprint', your own personalised Ayurvedic DNA.

Take an Online quiz by Tea India to find out your dosha type:


This quiz is not an accurate representation of your dosha type, if you would like to have an accurate diagnosis, please seek support from a Registered Ayurvedic Doctor or Ayurvedic Practitioner 😊




When in balance...

I like to think of these people being cool as a breeze or full of an electric current.

  • Body type: Light build

  • Very active and dynamic

  • Full of creativity

  • See things quite clearly and a giver of inspiration

  • Think fast, talk fast, walk fast

  • Quite erratic/ changeable - so like change, so for example in lockdown, because we were only allowed out once a day, maybe not seeing much change in our day. Vata types may itch for a sense of change by moving the furniture around every few weeks

  • They are a multi tasker - having lots of jobs on the go at once, or have a stack of books on the go all at once, a few projects you’re dipping in and out of.

  • May be super hungry some days and eat lots and other days completely forget to eat all day

Out of balance...

  • May be over-active - too much air and space in the body

  • Lots of nervous, anxious, worrying energy

  • Have bad memory

  • Fatigued, feeling weak, tired

  • Having disturbed sleep- which could lead to insomnia

  • Encounter unexpected weight loss

  • Excess air in the stomach causing digestive problems such as bloating, excess wind, IBS like symptoms

  • Dry and rough skin and hair

  • Cold skin

Finding Balance...

  • Doing more things to make them happy an enthusiastic

  • warming, grounding and nourishing sources

  • Diet: Warming cooked foods for all meals: khicheri, soups, daals, stews, porridges. Focusing on the sweet, sour and salty tastes within foods with warming spices like ginger ( universal medicine in Ayurveda), fennel, cardamon.

  • Herbal teas, hot water with meals or room temp water (iced is a no no).

  • Lifestyle: Creating a regular routine can help, e.g. going to sleep and waking up at the same time, regular meal times, eating in a calm environment- tech free - so you don’t over stimulate yourself

  • Physical practices: Yoga, tai chi, chi-gong, grounding practices - restorative/ yin yoga

  • Cutting back on anything in excess e.g. travel, over working, over stimulating ( #WFH Have a strict time to sign off from the computer)



When in balance...

I like to think of these people as full of a fiery nature - a person of a bright flame.

  • Dynamic, very active

  • Enjoys challenges and debates

  • Sharp - to the point

  • Very focused

  • Highly intelligent

  • When they have ideas, they follow through with their whole plans

  • Precise thinking

  • Very organised

  • Precisely regimented with their schedules

  • Need to eat breakfast, otherwise they will get hangry by 9am

Out of balance...

  • Get hot and bothered

  • Frustrated

  • May get acid indigestion or burning

  • Signs of inflammation in the body - red irritated skin

  • Perfectionist

  • Greying hair or hair loss

  • Critical

Finding Balance...

  • Cooling and calming practices

  • Finding moderation

  • Diet: Fresh vegetables and Fruit. Focus of sweet, bitter and astringent foods, minimising on ‘hot and sour foods’

  • Reduce excess alcohol intake as that will be too fiery

  • avoiding caffeine

  • Fennel, coriander, aloe vera

  • Cooking with coconut oil

  • Lifestyle: not sitting in the sun for too long, not over exercising or when out of balance doing overly competitive sports. Avoiding saunas, or anything that will overheat the body.

  • Cooling breath work and pranayama breathing

  • Slow flow yoga, Meditation. Non competitive sport - away from heat.

  • Find a work life balance


Water & Earth

When in balance...

I like to think of these people as a swan gliding through a lake, very grounded and chilled.

  • Grounded

  • Heavier in build

  • Stable

  • Loyal, steady

  • Great to have around in a crisis

  • Need to wait for true hunger

  • Very relaxed and have a slower pace of life

  • Good memory

  • Smooth, soft, oily skin

Out of balance...

  • Lazy

  • Inactive

  • Dislike too much activity or change

  • Lack of motivation to do anything

  • Slow digestion,

  • Over attached

  • Oversleep

  • Weight gain

Finding balance...

  • Eating lighter foods, to release the heaviness

  • Bitter, astringent and pungent foods

  • Reduce sweet, sour and salty

  • Lots of leafy green vegetables

  • Stimulating energising herbs - Turmeric (golden goddess - carcumen- inflammatory response- keeps things moving), ginger, cinnamon is really helpful for helping balance blood sugar levels

  • Reducing dairy intake to support gut health

  • Eating smaller portions - in order to avoid over eating

  • Lifestyle: Keep things moving - upping their activity levels with stimulating exercises - Lots of cardiovascular exercises - like HIIT workouts, jogging, dynamic yoga practices, Zumba, dancing

  • Remember Vata people don’t have too much of a routine, Kapha people have too much of a routine - so break this habit with more change.

  • Change is very important for kaphas - so they need to shake their routines up a little bit, maybe waking up earlier and exercising first thing to get themselves moving.

  • Challenging themselves with new routines

  • Meeting new people will be good for this Dosha

  • Adding spontaneity to life

  • Practice non attachment - let go of physical stuff and emotional baggage -Physical spring clean each season.

  • Enjoy life at its fullest

I have great respect for my energy, and use it in ways that create optimal balance. When I feel off or disconnected, I search in my Ayurvedic toolbox and trust my ability to look at my life and see what needs to shift, how to encompass balance and have the strength to do so.

Balance your Dosha with Tea...

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Thank you so much for tuning into this blog post happy hearts, I hope it's been insightful.

Any questions, please do drop me a message:

Love Fizz xx

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