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Working In Schools

My Mission...

To help teachers/students fulfil their potential to take charge of their wellbeing.

🍍_Eat, Play🏃‍♀️, Be Healthy & Breathe

Teaching Wellbeing into Schools...

With a degree in nutrition, being qualified as an experienced yoga & mindfulness teacher and performing in my current full time position as the Physical Activity and Health and Wellbeing Coordinator across schools in Windsor, Berkshire. 

I offer a bespoke freelance service of bringing wellbeing, mindfulness, healthy minds, yoga and active sessions to pupils & teachers to boost active wellbeing, grow confidence, resilience and build a healthy mind. 

Examples of workshops/ sessions I have ran in schools and workplaces are:-

- Introduction to Healthy Minds

- The Power of Big Feelings & Small Feelings

- Connection & Communication 

- Coping Skills and Tools 

- Building Resilience - Active in Mind

- Yoga & Mindfulness

- Self Love vs Self Care

I teach most of my sessions in a 3 part format -

- Movement, Discussion and Mindfulness 

Combining the link with the revised PSHE curriculum for Mental Health & Wellbeing as the NHS 

'5 Steps to Wellbeing' 

I also regularly run CPD trainings for teaching staff on a range of wellbeing, mental health and physical activity topics in managing stress and anxiety and having the tools to support children in a positive manner.

If you are interested in finding out more, please do get in touch.  

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