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Take Back Control Charity Self Care Retreat - Tilton House
Fri, Jul 24
Tilton House LTD
Jul 24, 4:00 PM – Jul 26, 3:00 PM
Tilton House LTD, Lewes Road, Firle BN8 6LL, UK
Experience the magic and the art of TLC immersed in nature and with a focus on taking back control of your self care. Aimed fore all but especially at healthcare professionals and all those that need some support with self care.
Yoga @ The Chapel 2019
2nd June, 10am
Asylum Chapel
2nd June, 10am
Asylum Chapel, Caroline Gardens, Asylum Rd, Peckham, London SE15 2SQ, UK
Look up and see the beauty in the architecture that surrounds us, as we practice a beautiful earth flow, in partnership with @RIBA https://www.architecture.com/whats-on/yoga-at-the-chapel