My Mission...

To help you fulfil your potential to take charge of your wellbeing.

🍍_Eat, Play🏃‍♀️, Be Healthy & Breathe


I am an experienced #WellnessWarrior Nutritionist. Registered with the Association for Nutrition (ANutr), I obtained my Bachelor (BSc) Nutrition degree in 2015.

I became interested in Nutrition from a young age, as I was on specialised diets to support my heart health, having being born with congenital heart disease. As I grew up, I began to research more into how nutrition was not ony what we eat, but truly nutrition is a powerful lifestyle medicine which can support many health needs.

Through my knowledge and expertise, I hope to shine a light on how anything you change in life begins from a lifestyle change from within, rather than looking for an immediate 'quick fix'. I help you change your wellbeing to feel the happiest and healthiest version of you. No diets included - just falling in love with food  to another level.

I will support you to understand why a healthy lifestyle is key and how the power to change begins from within.

I work with a range of people, mainly providing workshops in schools, academies, youth groups and gym environments and educating corporate companies.

I primarily teach children and young people through my signature Nutrition, Wellbeing and Mindfulness workshops.

If you are interested in hearing more about my journey or you feel your workplace could benefit with a workshop with me. 

Get In touch, I would love to hear from you.